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Small Biz Tip: Blogs: Marketing Your Business

Tips from March 17, 2010 The Small Business tips today discuss marketing your business with your blog. Listen - Do you know what is going on in your industry? Your blogosphere? The world today? You need to listen to know what others are talking about, what people want to know, and what people need to know. Listen first, then blog. Personal & Professional - Create a relationship with clients, or potential clients, in the blogosphere. Include others you work with who contribute to your blog. Create a short bio on each employee, and let them interact as well. Don't Be Too Salesy! It is okay to sell to your readers, but only after you create a brand and a relationship with your readers. Avoid being too salesy, instead, blog about what is important to your industry, followers, and clients, and add a short product placement at the end. Get into a rhythm of posting to your blog. Post a few times every week, about 2-3 times is a go... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Employment : Resume Posting

Tips from Tuesday, March 24, 2009 The Small Business tips today will be about where to post your resume. Work for a small business! 1. If you’re on the technical side of things, post your resume at 2. Always use the standard resume posting sites: and 3. Do not upload a standard cover letter. Write a new cover letter to attach to each resume and application. 4. Apply for jobs that match your true capabilities. Enough experience is worth more than a degree. Don’t be intimidated. Daily Overview: Put your resume on the major sites. Personalize cover letters, don’t be intimidated by a degree versus experience. Small businesses are what this nation was built from and are what will save our economy. You’ll likely end up working for one of them. So wh... [Read Full Article]

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