The Chicago Sit-In: The Shape of Things to Come?

"We never expected this. We expected to go to jail." These were the words of Melvin Maclin, a factory employee and vice president of the local union that represents the workers at Republic Windows and Doors. The 200 workers involved, who occupied the plant of their former employer after the company abruptly fired them last week, are sitting in and demanding severance and vacation pay. Symbols of Economic Turmoil The protesters, the company and the bank have all become symbols of the crisis currently burning its way through the American economy. The protesters are the poor workers thrown out of work by forces beyond their control. The bank, a recent recipient of billions of dollars in bailout money, is cast as the villain, yanking the credit rug out from under the poor company, forcing it to fire 200 employees, refusing to allow it to have the money it needs to pay off its people and denying any and all responsibility in the matter. As for the company, it seems to be cau... [Read Full Article]