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Want to Run Your Business Blog Into the Ground?

Business blogs are great. Not only do consumers get information on company's marketing campaigns, successes, and industry news, but also insight on the company itself. Blogs used correctly will draw people in, and create a great business-customer relationship. Those blogs which fail at creating this relationship and are used incorrectly could prove detrimental to your business. There are a few simple things that your business blog can do stop your blog up for business failure. Do you want to run your business into the ground? Don't Include RSS Feeds "Who cares about making it convenient for those who are following you? If they want to find your blog, they will. What's the use for an RSS feed?" RSS feeds are a great way for your loyal readers to receive updates immediately each time your blog is updated. These people could include employees, customers, potential customers, competitors, or random people on the internet looking to gain in... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: How to Write for a Blog

Small Biz Tip: How to Write for a Blog Tips from July 21, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss how to write for a blog. Plan out your blog first & foremost. Decide from what you know & what you want to write about before your initial posts. Use "Foundation Posts" to start your blog. Take 3-4 postings to sum up the area & concept you will be covering in your blog. Set up your RSS feed. Beginners are best served using a third party instead of writing XML. Try Don't self-promote. People will get annoyed & stop reading. Write useful information that others following your blog can use. Daily Overview: Planning is essential in starting your own blog. Give it some personality, state your opinions, and get writing! [Read Full Article]

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