Start-Up Businesses: A Timeline

Everyone has seen the start-up of a small business in movies or television. It all seems like a piece of cake, right? You take a great idea, find an abandoned location, declare that you're starting a business, and in a few weeks, your business is filled with products, people, and money. In reality, that is never going to happen (unless you're Uncle Jesse from Full House starting up the Smash Club).Starting a business takes time, and lots of it. When you have a great idea, there's no time to lose. Start acting to launch your business is immediately. Most businesses average a 9-12 month planning and organizing process before opening its doors. Use the timeline below as a guide to track your progress on your start up business.NOTE: This is a guideline. Every business is different. Use this as a basic template to see our recommendations on what to do for a start-up. Some businesses many not need all these steps. Some may need to delve deeper into certain aspects. Ev... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Management: Employee Development

Tips from October 5, 2009 The Small Business tips today are about focusing on employee development. Learn employee long term goals. Find their motivation and inspiration to help them learn and develop their biz skills. Create a fun and productive environment to help employees reach their goals to develop. Encourage getting involved. Set a good example. Show employees what you have accomplished and what it took to get there. Set standards and goals. Present a schedule/timeline as a guide. Offer assistance and make yourself available for help. Daily Overview: Help your employees develop their careers by providing motivating guidance. [Read Full Article]