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Start-Up Businesses: A Timeline

Everyone has seen the start-up of a small business in movies or television. It all seems like a piece of cake, right? You take a great idea, find an abandoned location, declare that you're starting a business, and in a few weeks, your business is filled with products, people, and money. In reality, that is never going to happen (unless you're Uncle Jesse from Full House starting up the Smash Club).Starting a business takes time, and lots of it. When you have a great idea, there's no time to lose. Start acting to launch your business is immediately. Most businesses average a 9-12 month planning and organizing process before opening its doors. Use the timeline below as a guide to track your progress on your start up business.NOTE: This is a guideline. Every business is different. Use this as a basic template to see our recommendations on what to do for a start-up. Some businesses many not need all these steps. Some may need to delve deeper into certain aspects. Ev... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Start Up Questions: First Things To Do

Tips from February 10, 2010 The Small Business tips today discuss the first things to do when starting a business. Business Plan: You need to plan out how you will operate your business, your financial forecast, strategic business goals, and more.  Hire an Accountant or Financial Adviser: There are many complicated financial issues that go into owning your own business, and these professionals will be able to help you out.  Open a Business Bank Account: Separate your personal and business finances with an organized filing system. Don't forget to keep track of your finances at all times. Join a Support Group: Joining a group, like a local business advice center, Chamber of Commerce, or trade organization will provide you with peer support from others who have been in your shoes before, as well as additional contacts for networking opportunities. [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Start Up Questions: Legal Issues

Tips from February 9, 2010 The Small Business tips today discuss legal issues when starting a small business. Keep legal! Know what the laws are specific to small businesses, but also learn what tax breaks there are! Find more here. Your business should be defined well. Sole proprietor? Partnership? Corporation? What's it matter? Find more here. Bad things happen to businesses too. How can you prepared for unforeseen problems? Business insurance! Find more information here. Your name is your brand, protection is important. Copyright, trademark? Which do you use and why? Find out more information [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Holiday Marketing: Customer Service

Tips from November 13, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss the importance of customer service in your holiday marketing. Hire additional help if you know you are going to be busy. Many students are looking for seasonal work; attempt to reach out to them. Make sure you've updated your voicemail to include any special holiday hours. Consider adding weekly promotions to the recording! Reiterate the importance of great customer service, especially the holidays. SMILE! It's the simplest way to bring cheer and joy to customers. Have a holiday meeting with your staff. Go over the holiday promotions and what they'll need to know to help customers more efficiently. Daily Overview: Boost your customer service during the holidays: hire extra help if you need it, smile a lot and make sure all of your staff is on the same page and are aware of your holiday promotions. [Read Full Article]

10 Things You Can Do in the Next 60 Days to Market Your Business and Close More Sales

Government, Politics, and the Economy Economy Jumps 3.5 Percent to Largest Growth in Two Years Consumer spending, exports and investments experience greatest gains. ManagerSmarter.comManagement and OperationsSmall Shops Make Big Play for Holiday ShoppersMerchants roll out Christmas wares weeks in advance to lure customers away from large discount retailers. WSJ.comManagement and Operations [Read Full Article]

Forget Your Big Idea. Be Simple.

Government, Politics, and the Economy Retail Sales Rebound Into Xmas as Shares Show Consumer Not Dead From the recent spike in sales, it's beginning to look a lot like the retail holiday season will be happier than predicted. Bloomberg.comManagement and OperationsWhy Unemployed College Grads Should Channel Their Inner Entrepreneur Recent college graduates who are unemployed should think about taking to their entrepreneurial skills and start their own business. BusinessKnowHow.comManagement and Operations [Read Full Article]

Earth Day 2008

A Little Perspective It began in 1970, on April 22nd, to be precise. It was the first Earth Day here in the United States and while it took the country by storm, kick-starting an environmental movement that is with us to this day, it also took the American political establishment by surprise. In fact, during the 1968 presidential race between Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey, the environment was little more than a campaign throw-away. John C. Whitaker was there and as Nixon's Cabinet Secretary (1969); associate director of the White House Domestic Council for environment, energy, and natural resources policy (1969-1972); and Undersecretary of the Department of the Interior (1973-1975), he saw it all. In an article for the July/August 1988 edition of the EPA Journal, Whitaker wrote: When President Nixon and his staff walked into the White House on January 20, 1969, we were totally unprepared for the tidal wave of public opinion in favor of c... [Read Full Article]

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