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Small Biz Tip: Holiday Marketing: Customer Service

Tips from November 13, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss the importance of customer service in your holiday marketing.

  1. Hire additional help if you know you are going to be busy. Many students are looking for seasonal work; attempt to reach out to them.
  2. Make sure you've updated your voicemail to include any special holiday hours. Consider adding weekly promotions to the recording!
  3. Reiterate the importance of great customer service, especially the holidays. SMILE! It's the simplest way to bring cheer and joy to customers.
  4. Have a holiday meeting with your staff. Go over the holiday promotions and what they'll need to know to help customers more efficiently.

Daily Overview: Boost your customer service during the holidays: hire extra help if you need it, smile a lot and make sure all of your staff is on the same page and are aware of your holiday promotions.

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