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Forget Your Big Idea. Be Simple.

Government, Politics, and the Economy
Retail Sales Rebound Into Xmas as Shares Show Consumer Not Dead
From the recent spike in sales, it's beginning to look a lot like the retail holiday season will be happier than predicted.

Management and Operations
Why Unemployed College Grads Should Channel Their Inner Entrepreneur
Recent college graduates who are unemployed should think about taking to their entrepreneurial skills and start their own business.

Management and Operations
Forget Your Big Idea. Be Simple.
Take a lesson from silly cat pictures with witty captions from and see why simple ideas are the best ideas.
Legal Issues
Malicious Banners: What's Old Is New Again
The recent alarm about malicious display ads began slowly, but has rapidly gained steam.

Taxes and Financial Issues
How To Get A Business Loan
A simple step-by-step process in how to receive a business loan for your small business.

Technology Issues
Web-Based E-Mail: Businesses Beware
Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, and lots of others offer these free or low-cost services, but if there's a snafu or important emails are lost, you're likely to be out of luck.

Technology Issues
Windows 7, Like It Or Not
Four ways Microsoft will make it increasingly difficult to stick with Windows XP.

Health, Benefits, and Labor Issues
Entrepreneurs Unsure About Health Care Reform
Survey: Many small-biz owners think the reform will make for a more complex system.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
Four Ways To Guarantee Your Customer Will Always Love You
With the tough economic times, there are a few things the small business owner can do to ensure they keep their customer base and make sure they love you and your business.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
Turning Customers Into Repeat Buyers
Sales don't just wander in your front door. Here's how to cultivate up a steady stream of shoppers.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
Is Your Sales Force Ready for the Dip and the Bounce?
How do salespeople maintain relationships so they are well-positioned when the bounce does come?

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