Small Biz Tip: Time Management Step 2: Find Out Where You're Wasting Time

Tips from July 28, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss time management. Step 2: Find Out Where You're Wasting Time Keep a log to document your activities during the day & time spent on them. Check which are productive & which are not. Identify what activities can only be done by you & which ones you can delegate. Allow others to help where they can. Identify major time wasters: Internet, email, socializing, communication breakdown. Eliminate the problems you can & control the issues. Create goals. Write them down to ensure that you follow them. Track your progress every so often, reevaluate, & adjust. Daily Overview: Realizing your time wasters will allow you to delegate time efficiently & create goals. [Read Full Article]

Should Government be Run Like a Business?

There comes a point in every employee’s life when he is sitting across from his boss for a quick review of the past year, a discussion of future expectations and, of course, the annual raise. It is the annual review and it is as much of a tradition as the Christmas party and the special and most coveted Employee-of-the-Month parking spot. That is what we in the private sector get. What do our congressional representatives (you know, OUR employees) get? They get elections. They also get to give themselves raises. When the Employees Call the Shots Imagine your employees having a meeting and then informing you that they will be taking a raise. You might get a little dog-and-pony show to justify it, but the bottom line would be that they want more money. More than that, they have put in place a mechanism to automatically give them more whether you think they deserve it or not. You company makes money, they get raises. Your company loses money, they get the same raises... [Read Full Article]