The Obama Stimulus Plan: Heavy Tolls on the Road to Prosperity

Government and Economy

Spending Our Way to Prosperity

President-elect Barack Obama warned of dire consequences if Congress doesn't pump unprecedented dollars into the national economy as he made an urgent pitch for his huge spending proposal during his first speech since his election.

SBA Web Chat on Credit and Borrowing

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Web Chat series starts on January 15th with a focus on small businesses and the credit crunch. SBA Associate Administrator for Capital Access Eric Zarnikow will answer questions about credit and borrowing and other resources to help access credit.

Fed Faces Tough Job in Ending Emergency Support

The Fed will eventually have to wean markets, industries and companies off the emergency support put in place to rescue the economy, but it will face the difficult and delicate task of timing their moves just right.

Management and Financial Issues

The Peril of Hourly Rates

The majority of people in service businesses simply establish an hourly rate. This is, however, not the best market position you can have, nor is it the best way to get paid what you're worth.

Building Investor Confidence
This is a tight lending market. With that in mind, business coach Steven Berglas has four tips for entrepreneurs seeking to ingratiate themselves with potential investors.

Problems That Arise When Creating a Partnership
Partnering an entrepreneur, a great idea and an investor is a fine way to start a business, but it can be challenging. Here we offer seven common pitfalls that need to be overcome to make a partnership work.

Technology Issues

Microsoft's Ballmer: Windows 7 is Nearly Ready
Microsoft Corp.'s next version of the Windows operating system is almost ready for prime time. That's one message Chief Executive Steve Ballmer delivered on the eve of the official opening of the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Ways to Plug-In to Tech Savings
When every dollar counts, here are a few suggestions for using high-tech gadgetry to save you money.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Small Business Layoffs Climb
A report from ADP Employer Services and Macroeconomic Advisers shows that small businesses made up 40% of job cuts in December, more than previously thought.

Sales and Marketing

Actionable Online Marketing Tactics
Five ways to get back to what works, do what's real, and get the education to be a successful in online marketing for the next 10 years, not just in 2009.

The iPhone: So Easy a Three Year Old Can Use It
Three tips for marketers on how to deal with this popular mobile Web platform.

Facing the Dragon

In sales, you enter the dragon's lair whenever you meet with decision makers in the organizations you are trying to sell to. Here are five strategies to help you next time you face the dragon.