Ready for a Second Stimulus?

  Government, Politics and the Economy Stimulus Plan: Where are the Jobs? That is the $787 billion question: Where is all that government stimulus money, and why hasn't it stemmed the rising tide of US unemployment? Second Stimulus: Democrats Split Democrats in Congress are divided over whether to push for more deficit spending to end the recession and stem job losses, complicating the possibility of a second stimulus bill. Management and Operations [Read Full Article]

Three Things Small Businesses Should Look for in '09

  Government, Politics and the Economy Three Things to Watch in the Second Half of '09 Halfway through the year is a good time to pause, reflect, and take inventory. We have probably survived the worst of the recession but the question is, what's next? Here are three things to keep an eye on. Tyson: More Stimulus Needed According to Obama advisor Laura Tyson, the US should consider a second stimulus package focusing on infrastructure projects because the $787 billion approved in February was “a bit too small.” Management and Operations [Read Full Article]

Freddie Mac CFO Found Dead—Apparent Suicide

  Government and Economy Freddie Mac CFO Dies—Police Investigating Probable Suicide Freddie Mac Acting Chief Financial Officer David Kellermann, 41, was found dead early today in the basement of his home in a Washington suburb, police said. Lenders Still Cool Toward Small Business According to NFIB survey data, in March, fewer small businesses reported that their borrowing needs had been met during the previous three months than at any point since well before the recession began. Management and Financial Issues... [Read Full Article]

The Obama Stimulus Plan: Heavy Tolls on the Road to Prosperity

Government and Economy Spending Our Way to Prosperity President-elect Barack Obama warned of dire consequences if Congress doesn't pump unprecedented dollars into the national economy as he made an urgent pitch for his huge spending proposal during his first speech since his election. SBA Web Chat on Credit and Borrowing The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Web Chat series starts on January 15th with a focus on small businesses and the credit crunch. SBA Associate Administrator for Capital Access Eric Zarnikow will answer questions about credit and borrowing and other resources to help access credit. Fed Fac... [Read Full Article]

Is a Payroll Tax Holiday the Answer?

Government and Economy Would a Payroll Tax Holiday Boost Employment and Spending? Taking a six-month holiday from the federal government's 6.2% payroll tax would reduce labor costs to small businesses and help prevent layoffs, says a major small business organization in a recent pitch to Congress. Consumer Price Drop Greater Than ExpectedA record plunge in consumer prices in November puts pressure on the Federal Reserve to act decisively to guard against a debilitating bout of deflation. Probe: Small Business Funds Squandered... [Read Full Article]

Buy-Sell Agreements: Continuity at the Top

Let’s say that you and your partners have a thriving business, call it WidgetAmerica LLC. Each of you owns a nice piece of that profitable company, making a good income and reinvesting in the business so that things continue to go well for years to come in the wild world of Widgets. Then something happens, you retire, or something catastrophic happens—car accident, a coma, death, jail time—something that will take you away from the company for good and all; something that will force you (or your heirs) and your partners to make some hard decisions.   The Buy-Sell Premise One way to make this time of doubt and trouble easier is to institute a Buy-Sell Agreement. Essentially, this agreement stipulates that the other partners or co-owners are required to purchase your stake in the company should a “trigger event” take place, such as death, disability, retirement or some other stated event. Given that you will be paid a fair price... [Read Full Article]