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Freddie Mac CFO Found Dead—Apparent Suicide


Government and Economy

Freddie Mac CFO Dies—Police Investigating Probable Suicide

Freddie Mac Acting Chief Financial Officer David Kellermann, 41, was found dead early today in the basement of his home in a Washington suburb, police said.

Lenders Still Cool Toward Small Business

According to NFIB survey data, in March, fewer small businesses reported that their borrowing needs had been met during the previous three months than at any point since well before the recession began.

Management and Financial Issues

Accepting Responsibility: Should the Boss Ever Apologize?

If you make a mistake, do you take responsibility for it and apologize, or do you think that might hurt your image as a leader? If you do, imagine what not apologizing is doing to your image.

Partnerships Can Work

Are you and your business partner enjoying business bliss or behaving more like dysfunctional spouses? For many it's the latter, but there is a better way to go.

Technology Issues

Ransomware Back in the News

PandaLabs is reporting on a newly discovered ransomware variant which locks the affected user’s PC, and demands a premium SMS in order to deactivate it.

Matching Email and Postal Addresses
Want to retain an append vendor to match e-mail addresses with postal addresses in your database? Here's what you need to know.

Apple’s New iPhone Ad Targets Small Business Users

As the competition heats up, Apple's smartphone functionality is becoming more business-friendly.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Health Coverage: To Cut or Not to Cut

Businesses today are looking everywhere to cut expenses so they don't have to cut jobs, or at least as many jobs. Still, there are some things, like employee health coverage, you don't want to touch. Here are some things to consider before calling your insurance agent.

Sales and Marketing

Click Fraud: Beating Corruption Online
Click fraud in online advertising is at an all-time high. Here are three tips for spotting it in your ads.

Is Performance Optional?

If sales are important to your organization, does it make any sense to treat your salesperson as if making sales is somehow optional? If you are paying on commission, that might be just what you are doing.

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