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A Reminder to Remember Small Business in These Bailouts

Government and Economy

Democrats Intent on Keeping Estate Tax

President-elect Obama and congressional leaders will block the 2010 repeal of the estate tax, going so far as to say it might outlive the "Death Tax Repeal" movement that is working to kill it.

Commentary: Remember Small Business in Stimulus Efforts

American small business employs more people than the Fortune 500 combined, but since these are not large companies, they risk being forgotten as Washington tries to stimulate the economy.

National Ombudsman Assists Small Business with Federal Regulatory Enforcement Actions

When America’s small businesses face unfair or excessive federal regulatory enforcement actions, the Office of the National Ombudsman at the U.S. Small Business Administration is available to ensure fairness in the enforcement process.

Management and Financial Issues

Merchant Cash Advances: How They Work

As attention to their activities increases, the providers of these loan alternatives are trying hard to avoid the scrutiny of Federal regulators. Here's what you should know about the industry.

Improving Your Work Days

Are you having trouble getting things done? Are you so busy all day that you wind up working late into the night to get important tasks done or do some projects never even get started? Here are some ideas to make your work life easier.

Technology Issues

Microsoft Beefing-up New Web-based Office Applications

Microsoft has begun testing some web-based Office applications to be delivered through Office Live Workspace, its online adjunct to Microsoft Office. The company hopes that the application will prove to be a closer rival to online application suites such as Google Docs.

Enterprises confused by BI tools

Nearly half of all enterprises are using three to five different business intelligence (BI) analysis and reporting tools, according to a new survey from Forrester Research.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Debate: Make Paid Sick Days Universal

By federal law, all employees, including hourly and contract workers, should receive at least six paid sick days a year. Which side do you come down on, pro or con?

Mission: Recruitment

The US Army is aiming to connect soldiers with employer-supported recruitment initiatives.

Training on a Shoestring

If your training budget has been cut back, consider these tips for doing more with less.

Sales and Marketing

Online Marketing Trends for 2009 Increasing ROI, improving tracking, and enhancing customer focus are the name of the game.

Boomers Caught in Squeeze Play

Why this group's changing fortunes, more than others, could mean a slowdown in consumption for years to come.

Finding New Customers in a Recession

Customer resource management (CRM) is hailed as an essential business survival tool. However, if CRM is indeed everything it is said to be, why are customers still vanishing?

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