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Business Forward and Small Business—Will it Help?

  Government and Economy White House: A Bit Loose with Stimulus Success Figures It is difficult to capture the full effect of the stimulus at this early stage, but with the high bars set for success, the White House seems to be playing fast and loose with the facts in their first report on the effect of the program. Will Business Forward Help Small Business? Business Forward, a Washington-based group soon to be launched by the Democratics, is dedicated to improving the business climate in the US, especially for small business. But the group prefers to remain silent on specific issues and now some are counselling caution about the... [Read Full Article]

A Reminder to Remember Small Business in These Bailouts

Government and Economy Democrats Intent on Keeping Estate Tax President-elect Obama and congressional leaders will block the 2010 repeal of the estate tax, going so far as to say it might outlive the "Death Tax Repeal" movement that is working to kill it. Commentary: Remember Small Business in Stimulus Efforts American small business employs more people than the Fortune 500 combined, but since these are not large companies, they risk being forgotten as Washington tries to stimulate the economy. National Ombudsm... [Read Full Article]

15 Ways to Reduce Your Stress Level at Work

While many people dream of owning their own business, the stress associated with being an entrepreneur is far from desirable. A recent Staples survey of U.S. business owners with 1 to 20 employees found that two thirds of them work on evenings, weekends and holidays; 49 percent work while driving and 18 percent deal with business e-mails and messages while in the bathroom. Before you let the stresses of running a business get to you, take a look at these tips that may take some of the weight off of your burdened shoulders:  Get moving – Exercise plays a key role in reducing and preventing the effects of stress. It can help to relax muscle tension and improve sleep. When stress is at its peak, get up and move. Talk a walk around the parking lot or do some stretches at your desk. Away from work, yoga, Tai Chi and martial arts are excellent stress-busters.    Time management – Using your time efficiently will reduce stress. Set daily objectives and... [Read Full Article]

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