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Small Toy Makers and Craftspeople Fighting the New Product Testing Law

Government and Economy

Toymakers and Craftspeople Fighting Product Tests

Small producers of children's products and those who work in the crafts industry have launched a grassroots campaign for exemptions from the new product testing law.

Obama's Small Business Platform

Now that Obama is officially President, what will it mean for small business? Well, there were two key small business platforms that Obama promoted while he was on the campaign trail. Will he put those into practice as President? That is the question.

DOL Advice Rule May be at Risk

A memo from White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel asks federal agencies to consider putting off the effective date of last-minute regulations for an additional 60 days in order to give the new Obama administration an opportunity to review them.

Management and Financial Issues

Pass the Tax Work, Work Your Business

This time of year, small-business owners start to think about taxes. But this year, more than ever, they need to focus on sales rather than sorting through receipts.

Soft Touch Collections

The companies are hugely dependent on their cash flows. But if they push their slow payers too hard, they risk losing customers. Still, something needs to be done to get slow-payers paying and for some firms, that means the velvet glove.

Technology Issues

Reinventing the Business Workspace
A new, connected way of working is breaking down the old, functional silos of activity that kept workers isolated in their desktop cubicles. Rippling across the modern, web-enabled workplace, it links people wherever they work and collaborate—in workplaces, virtual spaces, meeting rooms, and mobile devices. Learn how on-demand applications can combine to create productive, adaptable information sharing and workflow.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Measuring Employee Engagement

The Gallup Organization has created a system for employers that measures those elements of worker engagement most tied to the bottom line, such as sales growth, productivity and customer loyalty.

Card-Check Bill Victory May Depend on Making the Economic Case

Employers must go beyond decrying the loss of a secret ballot and worker privacy. To stop the card-check bill, they have to explain how employees will share in the greater prosperity that will come from defeating the unionization bill.

Sales and Marketing

7 Common Sales Mistakes

Though your sales staff probably isn't as inept as the bumbling salesman presented here, they could still be making one of the mistakes he makes.

Be Your Customer

Think your company is easy to do business with? Here are eight great ways to find out, though the underlying premise is the same for all.

The Dangers of E-Mail Append
You want to use e-mail append to create more effective e-mail marketing. But will it really help?