Small Toy Makers and Craftspeople Fighting the New Product Testing Law

Government and Economy Toymakers and Craftspeople Fighting Product Tests Small producers of children's products and those who work in the crafts industry have launched a grassroots campaign for exemptions from the new product testing law. Obama's Small Business Platform Now that Obama is officially President, what will it mean for small business? Well, there were two key small business platforms that Obama promoted while he was on the campaign trail. Will he put those into practice as President? That is the question. [Read Full Article]

Obama Ready to Prime the Economic Pump

Government and Economy Obama Ready for Bold Stimulus Action President-elect Barack Obama will have an opportunity that few presidents have had: Financial support from Congress to push forward with his campaign promises, especially to use some of the bailout funds to combat home foreclosures and to spur lending to individuals and businesses. Retailers Overhaul Their Business as Consumers Draw Back For years, retailers could afford to be sloppy about running their businesses because customers kept buying. No more. Stung by the worry that shoppers - who cut spending by the most dramatic amount in at least 39 years this the holiday season - may not start spending again for a long time, stores a... [Read Full Article]

The IRS Collecting Less From Audits as More Businesses go the Way of the Buggy Whip

Government and Economy IRS: Lower Collections from Audits The Internal Revenue Service has reported that collections from audits were down 4.7% to $56.4 billion this year, the first time in more than a decade that the number has fallen. Businesses Facing Extinction Determining which industries are on their way out may seem easy, but some businesses, like telemarketing, are surprisingly hard to kill. Then again, others that many are sad to see go just can't seem to survive. Management and Financial Issues The Dangers of Recession Cost-Cutt... [Read Full Article]