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The IRS Collecting Less From Audits as More Businesses go the Way of the Buggy Whip

Government and Economy

IRS: Lower Collections from Audits
The Internal Revenue Service has reported that collections from audits were down 4.7% to $56.4 billion this year, the first time in more than a decade that the number has fallen.

Businesses Facing Extinction

Determining which industries are on their way out may seem easy, but some businesses, like telemarketing, are surprisingly hard to kill. Then again, others that many are sad to see go just can't seem to survive.

Management and Financial Issues

The Dangers of Recession Cost-Cutting

In a recession, you have to run leaner, but not every fat-trimming measure is a good idea. Here are some of the moves you shouldn't make during tough times.

Join the Export Boom
Take your first step into foreign markets by developing an export compliance plan and determining which markets matter most to you.

Technology Issues

Mobile Computing Strategies
From smartphones to laptops, weigh all your options when deciding how to take your business on the road.

Benefits and Labor Issues

How Much Should You Pay Your Employees?
Discover what your employees are worth—at least on paper—with this industry salary calculator.

Keep Your Employees Focused

With all the seasonal distractions, it's easy to see why many employees are less than focused on work these days. So how do you keep distractions low and productivity high? We have five tips that can help do just that.

Sales and Marketing

Ad Words You Want to Avoid in 2009

In 2009, perhaps more than ever, the words you use in your ad copywriting can determine whether you make a sale or lose a customer. Here is a list to avoid.

Murdering Your Marketing

Marketing campaigns can be too creative. Have a look at what separates a marketing plan that works from one that doesn't.

Using Fusion Marketing
Create a strategic alliance with a similar business and watch your business grow.

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