Gregg Nominated for Commerce as Bank Loans Remain Elusive

Government and Economy

Gregg Nominated for Commerce
President Obama has nominated Republican Judd Gregg to be Commerce secretary, a bipartisan gesture that the President insisted was necessary with such a troubled economy.

Banks Failing to Lend Despite Bailouts
The federal government has invested nearly $200 billion in the US banking industry to spur new lending to consumers and businesses. So far, three months in, it has been a failure.

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Wells Fargo's Vegas Casino Junkets
Wells Fargo & Co., which received $25 billion in taxpayer bailout money, has plans for a series of corporate junkets to Las Vegas casinos this month. Once a leader in subprime mortgages, Wells Fargo has booked 12 nights at the Wynn Las Vegas and its sister hotel, the Encore.

Sole Survivors

Whether it is the cobbler's trade, the auto mechanic or the massage therapist, there are some in this recession who are actually seeing pick up.

Management and Financial Issues

Those Who Forget The Past Are Doomed to Repeat It

This is not the first recession we have faced and it doesn't help to act as if it is. Here is what some entrepreneurs said they learned during the last economic downturn.

The Rules For Succeeding in Your Own Business

What does it take to start and succeed in business? Although there is no one answer that fits all businesses, there are a number of practices followed by successful, happy business owners.

Financing Your Business In 2009

There are many criteria that banks require in approving loans for businesses. Find out how banks calculate your business' ability to repay a loan.

Fighting For Fair Pay

To comply with the new fair pay act, businesses large and small should take a close look at their compensation decisions, and at how those decisions are documented.

Technology Issues

Cloud Computing and Small Business

Rackspace's recent "cloud hosting" survey found that small businesses are essentially unaware of services that fit that description. Specifically, that over two-thirds of small businesses have never heard of "cloud hosting."

Benefits and Labor Issues

Things Getting Tough for Employers That Self-insure Workers Comp
Bond insurers are looking for more of a financial backstop from corporate customers involved in shaky industries.

How E-Verify Affects Businesses

Starting May 21, 2009, most Federal contractors and subcontractors will be required to start using the E-Verify system to make sure that their employees are legally allowed to work in the US. Learn how this new regulation will affect your small business.

COBRA Subsidy Passes with House Stimulus Bill
The measure includes a provision making employers responsible for extending health coverage permanently to former employees 55 or older or former employees who worked for their company for at least 10 years.

Sales and Marketing

Amazing Technology You Have Never Heard Of
The JQuery code can be used to display, manipulate, control, and interact with things on a Web page, something that Internet marketers should note.

CRM: Build Lasting Relationships

Sales operations face plenty of challenges, but the main focus must be developing relationships with customers that go beyond selling them a single product. Customer-centric approaches, rather than company-centric ones, are gaining converts.