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Unemployment Surges, Obama Demands Action

Government and Economy

Unemployment Surges to 7.6%

As if we needed further proof that the nation's employment is deteriorating at a frightening rate, employers eliminated 598,000 jobs in January and pushed the unemployment rate up to 7.6%, the highest unemployment rate since 1974.

Obama Demands Action on the Economy

President Obama spoke out against what he described as an "inexcusable and irresponsible" delay of his economic recovery legislation in Congress, especially given the fact that an estimated 3.6 million Americans have lost their jobs since the recession began.

CBO: Obama stimulus Plan harmful in the Long Term

According to the the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, President Obama's economic recovery package will do more harm to the economy in the long run than if he were to do nothing.

Small Business Gets “Half a Loaf” in Economic Stimulus Package

When work began on the economic stimulus bill, it was hard to see how strongly the President would focus on small businesses. Now, after all the wrangling, it seems that small business will get something, but will it be enough to bring relief to this all-important sector and jump-start the economy?

Management and Financial Issues

Proactive Ways to Avoid Legal Trouble
Be sure you aren't discriminating against your employees or failing to protect yourself against other business-related legal liabilities.

Planners and Doers: A New Report from SBA

A new research study, "Are Planners Doers? Pre-Venture Planning and the Start-Up Behaviors of Entrepreneurs," explores the relationship between business planning and the activity levels of nascent entrepreneurs.

Small Firms Offering More Specials and Giveaways

With a deepening recession and dropping sales, many small businesses are turning to expensive giveaways and promotions to bring in consumers. This approach, however, is loaded with pitfalls.

The Top Nine Lies Told by Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists are not necessarily forthcoming, so if you think it's hard to get a "yes" out of a venture capitalist, try getting a conclusive "no." The game is to string along entrepreneurs in case something miraculous happens to make them look better. Here are the top nine lies they tell to do that.

Technology Issues

The Golden Age of Twitter
The social network continues to penetrate the mainstream as a consumer-complaint bureau and a virtual business network.

Using 3-D Photography Online
3-D photography can be a relatively minor expense, but it makes a big difference in the market place.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Recruiting With Web 2.0
Have a look at how entrepreneurs are now using social networking, blogging and other Internet tools to screen and hire the best employees.

Your Right to Examine Employee Email
As the business owner, you have the right to look at employee email and computer useage. However, if you want to exercise that right, make sure you're clear about your right to do that right from the start.

COBRA Without End
Baby boomers may choose Medicare, but their younger spouses will likely opt for employer health coverage through COBRA, and that is where an employer’s trouble starts.

Sales and Marketing

It is All About the Customer

Managing the customer experience and maintaining good customer relations can help companies survive tough economic times.

Personalization vs. Privacy in Marketing
As technology continues to advance, marketing and sales professionals can gather and use more audience information than ever before. However, personalized communications can sometimes be regarded as a threat to privacy.

Sales Lessons While Fly Fishing
Mark Stevens received some of his most valuable sales seminars from his father—while wearing hip waders. His father's mantra: Be yourself, even if you smell like fish.

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