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Small Business and the Stimulus Package


Government and Economy

The Stimulus and Small Business

Sales are slow, banks are holding tight and many small businesses are strapped for operating capital. The good news is that both the House and Senate versions of the stimulus bill address this issue, to an extent. The bad news is they can't agree on how to handle it.

New TALF Plan Wins SBA Approval

Newest Version of the Troubled Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF) includes Changes Requested By SBA to Help Unclog Secondary Market for Small Business Loans.

Small Business: Little Stimulus, More Audits

While Congress and the Obama Administration have all but ignored small business, you cannot say the same for the IRS, which is increasing the audit rates of small business, even while reducing audits on big businesses.

Democrats Try Midnight Deal on Stimulus, Republicans Not Invited

Republicans have caught the Democrats in a midnight “stimulus” power play that seeks to cut Republican conferees out of the House-Senate negotiations to resolve a final version of the Obama “stimulus” package.

Management and Financial Issues

Updating Your Employee Handbook
Since employment laws are constantly changing, your company manual should be changing as well.

Best Practices: IT Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability management is a critical part of both the security and business landscape that any company's security team needs to understand and implement for long-term success. Find out how to reduce risks by identifying and eliminating weaknesses.

Technology Issues

Applicant Tracking System Software Providers

The "e-recruitment software" market is growing at a strong pace as more and more companies turn to this technology to help them manage their job applicants.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Health Care Insurers Tailor Service During Downturn
At a time when major health insurers are facing declining enrollment in employer-sponsored plans, several are rolling out the red carpet for companies.

Best Practices in Documenting Employee Discipline
If performance is one of your criteria for layoffs, employee discipline and performance issues must be carefully documented in order to help employee performance and behavior as well as to act as an insurance policy in case job actions are necessary.

Sales and Marketing

Digital Marketing to Today's Super-Consumers
Moms spend nearly $1.6 trillion annually. How are you targeting these super-consumers?

Behavioral Marketing's Role in Multicultural America
A major shift in racial and ethnic demographics provides an opportunity for behavioral marketing to play an increasingly important role in advertising.

How to Make E-mail Campaigns More Meaningful
A look at three e-mail campaign approaches based on content relevance.