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The Last, Best Hope for Small Businesses: Their Customers

Government and Economy

Last Best Hope for Small Businesses: Their Customers

The Obama Administration's economic stimulus plan doesn't have much that might directly benefit small businesses. Economists, however, see salvation for those companies closer to home with their own customers.

Gregg Withdraws From Commerce Secretary Nomination

Senator Gregg made a statement regarding his withdrawal from consideration as U.S. Commerce Secretary, stating that he found “irresolvable conflicts” on policy between himself and the president.

Stimulus Ready for Vote

Economic stimulus legislation is on track for final votes Friday in the House and Senate after a final round of bargaining that yielded agreement totaling $789 billion. Officials estimate it means $13 a week more in people's paychecks this year and $8 a week next year.

Management and Financial Issues

Recession Survival: One Entrepreneur's Plan

Jay Goltz has been in business for 30 years, so he's lived through several downturns, and his first piece of advice for weathering this storm? You need the right outlook.

Entrepreneur on Ice

Sometimes you just need to unwind, get away from the stress of running your business, but the beach has just been done to death. What to do? Try something relaxing and far less stressful than being a business owner or standing in line at the airport, something like camping out in arctic conditions.

Technology Issues

Calculate Your Company's Real Profit

After investing much of your capital in your business, it is time to see how its doing. Use this calculator to estimate how hard your investment is working for you.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Card Check: No Small Business Exemption

Everyone knows that card check is economically damaging, but what most folks don't know—including some well-regarded journalists—is that the myth of a small-business exemption is just that, a myth. There simply is no exemption for small business in either current law or the proposed legislation.

Sales and Marketing

Why Local Businesses Need E-mail Marketing
E-mail marketing offers a low-cost, easy way for local businesses to reach out to customers.

Maximizing Your Internet Sales

Discussions abound about the effect of the slowing global economy on e-commerce, but regardless of whether you believe the economic conditions are good or bad for e-commerce, one thing is certain: You always want to maximize your Internet sales. Here are five suggestions on how to do just that.

Are You Really, Really Sure?
Why double opt-in, once a best practice, no longer makes sense in e-mail marketing.

How Much Should You Spend on Advertising?

That is a difficult question for every small business. The answer usually revolves around what your rivals are spending and what you think is going to work.