Tax Plan Implications of the Stimulus Package

Government and Economy

Nothing of Substance for Small Business in Stimulus

The recently passed economic stimulus plan offers very little direct benefit to small businesses, but economists see those companies, rather than the stimulus, as their own cure for what is ailing them.

New SBA Chief Intent on Making Change You Can Believe In

Karen Gordon Mills, President Obama's new Small Business Administration head, will bring with her a financier's background and extensive hands-on experience as a small business advocate. Meet Mills and learn why she just might be the right person for the job.

TARP II: Here We Go Again
Trying to get a handle on Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's TARP 2 program is a lot like trying to hold on to a greased snake—hard to grab, tough to hold and you just might be bitten!

Management and Financial Issues

Breaks in Stimulus Bill May Require Some Tax Planning

From an earlier-than-usual red flag on who might fall into the alternative minimum tax this year to a new question on paycheck withholding, the new $787 billion fiscal stimulus bill should prompt taxpayers to consider how best to lower their tax bill in the year ahead.

Hard Times Call For New Ideas

It's a scary time to own a business, and while the idea sticking to what you have been doing may seem like wisdom, it may not be enough to let you ride out the financial storm. It will take new ideas, and flexibility, to reach calmer seas.

Protecting Your Personal Assets

You've put a lot on the line to get your business up and running, why not take a few steps to protect your assets if your business should fail or get sued?

Lessons From the Trenches

Veterans-turned-entrepreneurs offer advice to fellow business-owners.

Technology Issues

Six Steps to Reduce Risk and Improve Control Over Unified Communications

The use of instant messaging and other forms of unified communications is largely unmanaged, putting organizations at risk for loss of intellectual property and crucial data, fines for noncompliance and more. But, what is the best way to improve control and tackle these challenges? Download this paper to find out.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Litigation Over Layoffs

If history is any guide, we can expect the current wave of recession-driven layoffs to result in mountain of employment discrimination suits by later this year as workers take a closer look at their situations than in previous downturns. Here is a look at the problem and some suggestions on dealing with it.

Make Sure Before You Cut
Layoffs do more than harm employee morale, they can also indicate that your company is vulnerable. Here are some popular layoff alternatives, as well as steps to reduce the cost and risks that come with laying off your employees.

Sales and Marketing

Impress Them From the Start

The old saying, that you never get a second chance to make a first impression still holds true, even if that first impression is via email.

Integrating Your Sales and Marketing Plans
You already have the tools and processes you need to begin aligning your sales and marketing efforts—your marketing and sales plans.

Forget Sales Training: Skill Restructuring for Ultimate Productivity
While it is logical to believe that sales skills can be taught and processes instilled in individuals in a way that will make them star salespeople, the reality is much different.