Follow the Money: How the Stimulus Will Flow


Government and Economy

How Stimulus Money Will Flow

Obama's plan relies heavily on states to dole out the dollars. That could slow and complicate some of the spending. BusinessWeek

Traders Revolt: CNBC Host Mocks Obama Economic Plans

In this video, CNBC's Rick Santelli and traders on the floor of the CBOE express outrage over the notion they may have to pay their neighbor's mortgage, with Jason Roney of Sharmac Capital.

Obama to Mayors: Do Not to Waste Stimulus Money
President Obama says he will call out any local government that wastes money from the stimulus package.

Management and Financial Issues

2009 Taxes: Keep More Money!

Key strategies for maximizing your deductions and holding on to the cash your business needs.

Small Business Takes Guts
Being in business takes confidence and courage, especially in times like these. Buyers aren't buying. Lenders aren't lending. Everyone delays making decisions, because everything seems so uncertain. USA Today

8 Places to Find Financing

Turned down by the bank? Try these alternate funding sources.

Technology Issues

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has given many a small business easy access to affordable Web services, but if your Internet connection is less than reliable or chokes on fat files, then what?

Benefits and Labor Issues

Small, Family-owned businesses at Risk from Union Bill

Small business owners work hard, struggling with everything from higher fuel costs to finding affordable health insurance—they believe in taking care of their employees. If Big Labor has its way, these small businesses may not be around much longer. Marshall County Tribune

Healthcare Reform Moving Forward

Secret meetings among the leading figures in the healthcare debate may now be bearing fruit as the fractious groups slowly inches its way toward a consensus. New York Times

Sales and Marketing

Provide Benefits That Resonate in Your Ad Copy A look at incentives and promotional language to improve your click-through rate.