Some Small Business Benefits in the Stimulus


Government and Economy

A Pinch of Stimulus For Small Business

There are some small business measures in the stimulus bill, but to find them you will have to look really hard.

Senate Confirms Solis as Labor Secretary

The Senate has confirmed Rep. Hilda L. Solis (D-CA), as Secretary of Labor, approving her over Republican concerns about her long, pro-union voting record.

Democrats Boost Domestic Spending Over and Above Stimulus

Congressional Democrats are working to give domestic government agencies an 8% raise on top the $787 billion in economic stimulus funds they have already approved.

Management and Financial Issues

Leadership Skills and Development Matter
The Duke Executive Leadership Survey examined the relationship between organizations’ financial performance and leadership skills and found that those skills associated with inspirational and ethical leadership were most strongly associated with organizational performance. Workforce Management

Technology Issues

Managing List Inactivity
Got people on your e-mail address list who don't open your messages? They probably aren't generating spam complaints or bounces. So why stir things up?

Handling an E-Mail Deluge
Is your inbox full to overflowing? E-mail archiving can help.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Protect Your Company While Reducing Staff
There is no guarantee that you can avoid litigation when reducing your staff, but by following these steps, you can minimize the risk and position your company to defend itself in any post-reorganization employment litigation. Workforce Management

Sales and Marketing

Compliance With Behavioral Ad Guidelines May Be Challenging
Not sure if your online marketing strategies comply with the FTC's self-regulatory principles? Here are some common-sense tips for protecting customer privacy.

B2B Marketing 2.0: Engaging Social Buyers and Breaking the Gridlock

Buyers have embraced social media to find and research solutions, just like individual consumers, but there is a big difference between a "considered" purchase of an enterprise software system costing $50,000 and buying a $200 digital camera.