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New GOP Bill Requires Secret Ballots in Unionization Votes


Government and Economy

Obama's Plan: Its Effect on Entrepreneurs

The President didn’t offer new proposals geared directly at entrepreneurs, but he did discuss several new plans that will certainly affect them. The Wall Street Journal

President’s Budget Overview Backs $28 Billion in Small Business Credit for FY 2010

President Barack Obama’s FY 2010 Budget Overview offers full support for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s credit programs, authorizing SBA to support loan guarantees of $28 billion to small businesses. Small Business Administration

COBRA: Answers for Employers

The IRS is offering a new Q&A with answers to many of your most pressing COBRA questions.

Management and Financial Issues

Be a Fearless Small Business Owner

During these recessionary times fear is natural, but making business decisions out of fear can be the very thing that dooms your business. Follow these six steps and release your inner fearless small business owner.

Constructive Criticism: The Delicate Art

No matter how you spin it, no matter what you say, constructive criticism is still criticism. Here are some ideas on making it easy for all concerned.

Positive Psychology Can Give Your Business a Boost

In these tough times, savvy entrepreneurs are trying the “science” of happiness to build thriving, profitable companies. BusinessWeek

Technology Issues

Website Downsizing?

As consumers increasingly use mobile devices to surf the Web, small firms have to choose whether to build or remake websites that accommodate these smaller devices. The Wall Street Journal

Viral Video Victory

How do you strike gold in the highly competitive online video market? Here are some things to know if you want to declare viral video victory. The Wall Street Journal

Benefits and Labor Issues

EEOC Proposal to Bar Genetic Discrimination

The rules would bar employers from deliberately acquiring genetic information from employees and job applicants, and would restrict employers from disclosing genetic information about workers and applicants. Workforce Management

GOP Bill Mandates Secret-Ballot Union Elections

The GOP went on the offensive in the fight over union law but Democrats are ready with a bill of their own, one far more likely to receive congressional approval. Workforce Management

Sales and Marketing

Email Double Opt-in Lessons
Three lessons to learn when using double opt-in to confirm e-mail recipients.

Maximum Pay-Per-Click
The vast majority of companies would increase their PPC search budgets, if only their perceived barriers were removed.

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