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Waiting for SBA's Stimulus


Government and Economy

When Will the $730 Million in SBA Funding be Spent?

The Small Business Administration is getting a much-needed financial shot in the arm from the stimulus bill, but local leaders and business owners are still waiting to see how that funding might help them.

Nation’s Economic Woes Likely to Spur Climb in Fraud
Kroll Global Fraud Report says companies with high employee turnover and weak internal controls are more vulnerable, while high-risk business ventures also lead to more corrupt business practices. WorkForce Management

Management and Financial Issues

Background Checking Amid the Credit Crunch
As the recession deepens, employers that routinely include credit and criminal record checks in their screening process should tread carefully to avoid legal trouble. WorkForce Management

Technology Issues

Virtual Trade Shows

A virtual trade show is more than just a cross between a webcast meeting and a video game, it's the next big trend in trade shows and it's a market that you can't afford to ignore.

Innovating Our Way Out of the Downturn
Three innovations hold promise for online advertising's recovery.

How to Rise Above Today's Economic Challenges: Equip Your Sales Force with Mobile CRM
In today's tough economic climate, companies need their sales teams operating at peak performance. But traditional customer relationship management (CRM) may be hampering field salespeople's productivity, with frequent downtime and lengthy sales cycles cutting them off from their managers. Learn how mobile CRM solutions can help speed up and improve the sales process, so your company can survive even the toughest market. Technology Evaluation Centers

Benefits and Labor Issues

Workplace Safety: More Important Than Ever

With today's high-stress work environment, it's more important than ever to ensure that your business is complying with federal and state safety standards, taking preventive measures, and offering the proper safety training programs.

'Never Events' Survey Finds Employers Say No Way That They Should Pay

95% of employers surveyed say hospitals should waive all costs associated with so-called never events, or serious and largely preventable illnesses or injuries that occur at a hospital. WorkForce Management

Sales and Marketing

Never Do These Things With Your Social Networking Profile

Social networking: You've heard of it. You might be doing it, but are you doing it right?

Sorry, We Have No Money

What do you say when your sales people report that their customers admit that their companies want to do business with you, but that they have no budget for your products or services? Here are some ideas.