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Choosing a Marketing Plan: Traditional or Social Media?

In the News
U.S. to Help Banks in Distressed Areas
The Treasury Department will invest up to $1 billion from the federal bank bailout fund in small banks and credit unions that make loans to small businesses in some of the communities most ravaged by the economic downturn, officials announced on Wednesday.

Management & Operations
How To Develop Your Global Leadership Pipeline
To stay competitive in your industry and accomplish your goals, it is important to have strong leadership. This stems from executives, managers, and even entry-level employees, as they develop skills for improving the future of your company. Follow these tips to develop your global leadership.

Management & Operations
Creating a Culture of Excellence
Culture is essential to the success of every company, but it all starts out with one individual.

Management & Operations
Choosing a Marketing Plan: Traditional or Social Media?
With the Internet and social media a large part of marketing, many small businesses are still uneasy of switching to a new campaign strategy. Take a look at a case study with EPC Cigar and how their marketing campaign fared.

Success Story
First Lesson: Trust Your Gut
By listening to his instincts, and his customers, one father has created a successful business and inspired his son to start his own business. Check out this success story to see how instincts, lessons, and listening pay off.

Technology Issues
Why Online Video Is Key For Small Business
The second most-used search engine to Google is YouTube. Small businesses can utilize YouTube by creating online videos.

Technology Issues
Five Tips for Using Syndicated Content Effectively
Syndicated content on your web site is a great idea for your business - if used properly. Some benefits include high-quality content, enhancing your site's value to visitors, and consistent updates for your website. But, be cautious. Read on to find out how to minimize the risks of using syndicated content on your site.

Financial Issues
A Federal Tax Credit for Startup Investors
The success of high-growth start-ups, which generate jobs and tax revenue, are in part thanks to private investors. Take a new, innovative way to encourage these powerful investors.

Financial Issues
Business Owners' Credit-Card Conundrum
Take note of the new credit laws and the new protections. Personal credit cards for your business expenses allow for new consumer-credit protections, but the business cards are not covered by the new laws. What should you do for your business?

Tax Issues
Get Tax Breaks on Home Office, Cell
Do you work from home? Don't miss out on these deductions this tax season.

Legal Issues
Labor Department’s 401(k) Proposal Could Rock Pension Advice Business
The proposed regulations will make it more difficult for advisers affiliated with broker-dealers and insurance companies to provide advice to plan participants.

Health Care Issues
Mandatory Health Care a Bitter Pill for Massachusetts Low-Wage Workers
Massachusetts’ health insurance mandate has more workers getting coverage through their employers but has left many low-wage earners in a financial quandary—and it hasn’t put a dent in rising health care costs. The state’s health care experiment offers a cautionary tale for federal health reform efforts.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
7 Habits of Less Successful Salespeople
In some cases, the best way to know how to do your job is by learning from others' mistakes. Take a look at these examples that could prove to be detrimental to your business.

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