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What Health Care Reform Means for Your Business

ABC Online and On Your Side Check out our NEW EZlocal Premium listing! Receive a featured listing on, enhanced business profile, top search engine submission, and local SEO consultation to get your business found online with our new EZlocal Premium. Are you listed yet?Health Care ReformWhat Health Care Reform Means for Your BusinessThe sweeping health-care bill passed by the House of Representatives Sunday, and now headed for President Obama's desk, promises a sea change in the way that small business owners purchase and provide health insurance for themselves and their employees. CNNmoney.comHealth Care Reform [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Taxes: Employee Taxes

Tips from March 12, 2010 The Small Business tips today discuss employee taxes. If you have employees for your business, a variety of taxes will be withheld from their income. Remind your employees of the taxes upon hiring. Some taxes withheld from employees' pay are: Social Security, FICA, Medicare, and federal and state income taxes. Employees aren't the only ones who have taxes taken out. Businesses and employers must match the FICA and Medicare taxes and pay them along with employees. Don't forget those who are out of work! Businesses are required to pay federal and state unemployment taxes.  Daily Overview: Taxes withheld from employers and employee salaries go towards different organizations. Keep this in mind, and look for returns when you file taxes. [Read Full Article]

Choosing a Marketing Plan: Traditional or Social Media?

In the NewsU.S. to Help Banks in Distressed AreasThe Treasury Department will invest up to $1 billion from the federal bank bailout fund in small banks and credit unions that make loans to small businesses in some of the communities most ravaged by the economic downturn, officials announced on Wednesday. Management & Operations How To Develop Your Global Leadership Pipeline To stay competitive in your industry and accomplish your goals, it is important to have strong leadership. This stems from executives, managers, and even entry-level employees, as they develop skills for improving the... [Read Full Article]

New Credit Card Rules' Double Standard

In the NewsStimulus Funding for SBA Loans Runs Out—AgainIn a case of legislative déjà vu, the Small Business Administration has announced that funding for two popular lending programs is on the verge of running out - again. WSJ.comIn the NewsConsumers Buy Into 'Buy Local'More groups are forming to send shoppers to home-grown independent businesses. But their impact on jobs is hard to quantify. Management & Operations [Read Full Article]

Main Street Frustration: 'Everything is Going to Banks'

Government and PoliticsWhat Obama Said About Small BusinessA short but prominent section of President Obama’s State of the Union focused on helping small businesses to create jobs. Here’s a look at what he said and what it means. BusinessWeek.comGovernment and PoliticsGlobal Workforce Report on Emerging Markets: The Backshoring MythDespite media hype about the recession driving jobs back to the U.S., the business case for outsourcing to the emerging markets remains overwhelming. Workforce.comGovernment and Politics [Read Full Article]

Ho Ho Hold the Holiday Perks

We've all seen the holiday-themed TV shows and movies with large, elaborate Christmas parties for employees with dinners, complimentary gifts, and the ever-so dangerous open bar. As a result of the recent economic struggle, many holiday parties are being cancelled.   A few years ago, many businesses offered employees bonuses, gifts, and holiday themed parties, as well as some perks for clients. Instead, businesses are turning to different strategies when deciding ways to thank employees and customers. According to an American Express OPEN Small Business Holiday Monitor, a survey of about 500 business owners, only 31% of business owners plan to give year-end bonuses this year, which is down from 44% last year. Additionally, only 16% will give raises, down from 30% in 2008. Almost 25% of businesses have stopped all gifts, but 28% are coming up with creative gifts, bartering, or incentives to avoid spending money. If your small business usually throws an annual holiday party, thi... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Human Resources: Hiring for Sales

Tips from November 20, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss how to hire employees for sales. Know the environments your candidates have worked in previously. Try to choose the candidates that have been in an environment that is similar to yours to adapt quickly to the culture. Previous work in sales is extremely important, especially if you are hiring for a higher level position. Check their references for sales positions to ensure they are not exaggerating on their resume. Inside sales and outsides sales are completely different. Know what you need to hire, and hire specifically for the position. Generally, the two sales positions don't cross. If you come across a candidate who has both, be sure to look into it. Have a trial session with candidates during the interview. Ask them to role play and deliver a pitch to you. Analyze their tone of voice, body language, and their wording of the pitch. This will help you determin... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Human Resources: Hiring Quality People

Tips from November 18, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss how to ensure you hire quality people. Take a good look at your employees, and at yourself. Look at the skills, quality of work, and value that each person brings to your business. Look for someone to compliment your skills. During the interview, note the habits of your candidates. Were they on time? Prepared? Well groomed? Respectable? Actions speak louder than words. Keep your interviews structured. Ask the same questions in each, and follow the same procedures. Go off on some tangents, but keep the interview objective. Ask for references. Even if you don't actually contact these people, it is a way to get a sense of the applicant's relationships with others. Daily Overview: Look at your candidate's resume, as well as their character. A quality candidate is excellent in both categories. [Read Full Article]

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