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Small Biz Tip: Human Resources: Hiring for Sales

Tips from November 20, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss how to hire employees for sales.

  1. Know the environments your candidates have worked in previously. Try to choose the candidates that have been in an environment that is similar to yours to adapt quickly to the culture.
  2. Previous work in sales is extremely important, especially if you are hiring for a higher level position. Check their references for sales positions to ensure they are not exaggerating on their resume.
  3. Inside sales and outsides sales are completely different. Know what you need to hire, and hire specifically for the position. Generally, the two sales positions don't cross. If you come across a candidate who has both, be sure to look into it.
  4. Have a trial session with candidates during the interview. Ask them to role play and deliver a pitch to you. Analyze their tone of voice, body language, and their wording of the pitch. This will help you determine if they are a good candidate to continue your sales.

Daily Overview: Finding a great addition to your sales team is no easy work. Take the time to analyze your candidates to find the one who will be the best for your business.

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