What Health Care Reform Means for Your Business

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Health Care Reform
What Health Care Reform Means for Your Business
The sweeping health-care bill passed by the House of Representatives Sunday, and now headed for President Obama's desk, promises a sea change in the way that small business owners purchase and provide health insurance for themselves and their employees. CNNmoney.com

Health Care Reform

Health Reform's Winners And Losers
The historic House vote will mean big changes for small businesses, HMOs and many workers. Forbes.com

Health Care Reform
Understanding Key Provisions in Federal Health Care Reform Legislation
For the first time, employers will be subjected to taxes if they do not offer coverage to employees or if the coverage fails an affordability test. Workforce.com

The Biggest Roadblock to Upping Exports
The Obama Administration wants to double U.S. exports in five years by enlisting small business. First, entrepreneurs must overcome concerns about getting paid. BusinessWeek.com

ADP: Small Employers May Be Signaling Recovery
Automatic Data Processing CEO Gary Butler says companies with 50 employees or fewer have been increasing their use of ADP's payroll services. BusinessWeek.com

Financial Issues
Loans and Resources for Disabled Entrepreneurs
The SBA no longer provides Disabled Assistance Loans, but consider its other loan programs, your state's resources, and a private advocacy group's offerings . BusinessWeek.com

Financial Issues
More People Roll Over Their 401(k) Assets
Of the assets that were moved, 80 percent were rolled over into IRAs, 10 percent were taken in cash distributions, 8 percent were moved into new employer plans, and 2 percent were taken in other forms of distributions. Workforce.com

Going Green
Are We Headed Toward a Green Bubble?
Billions of dollars are pouring into clean-tech companies--with little results. Is this an intelligent investment or the beginning of another bubble? Entrepreneur.com

Technology Issues

Foursquare Introduces New Tools for Businesses
Foursquare, a location-based social network, plans to distribute a free analytics tool and dashboard in the coming weeks that will give business owners access to a range of information and statistics about visitors to their establishments.NYtimes.com