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What Health Care Reform Means for Your Business

ABC Online and On Your Side Check out our NEW EZlocal Premium listing! Receive a featured listing on, enhanced business profile, top search engine submission, and local SEO consultation to get your business found online with our new EZlocal Premium. Are you listed yet?Health Care ReformWhat Health Care Reform Means for Your BusinessThe sweeping health-care bill passed by the House of Representatives Sunday, and now headed for President Obama's desk, promises a sea change in the way that small business owners purchase and provide health insurance for themselves and their employees. CNNmoney.comHealth Care Reform [Read Full Article]

Health Care Reform: House & Senate Bill Breakdowns

On Christmas Eve, the Senate passed their version of the health care bill, bringing America one step closer to a new universal health care system. The House version of the health care bill was passed in November, each with their own set of rules and regulations. Now, we play a waiting game. President Obama and his team will now reconcile the differences between the two bills into one bill. The final bill will be voted on by each chamber before being signed into legislation by President Obama. The House and Senate Health Care Bills are VERY different on very important issues that all Americans, especially small business owners, need to be aware of. Below are various topics included in both the House and Senate health care bills broken down, as well as some FAQ about what this means for small business owners.Abortion The House bill would ban abortion from being covered in the new public plan EXCEPT in the cases of rape, incest,... [Read Full Article]

Is Working From Home For You?

Working from home is a great option for small business owners who either do not need a large workspace or store, have personal commitments at home, or cannot afford renting a place for your business. The perks seem to be endless for working from home: flexible hours, no commute, and certain tax deductions. Additionally, if you have personal commitments, you can arrange your work schedule around your family to cater to their needs. It sounds like working at home is a great idea, but before you jump right into the idea, there are a few things you must consider, especially if you plan on having your customers come to your home. Neighborhood & Property Although it is your small business from your house, you must consider your neighborhood, surroundings, and neighbors. To work from home, you need to have a suitable and accessible location for your customers. Consider the attractiveness of your neighborhood and your property and how well it is maintained to appeal... [Read Full Article]

Small Business Brief for 11/20

Politics and Government Acting Asst Sec Ramanathan Testimony Acting Assistant Secretary for Financial Markets Karthik Ramanathan's testimony before the House Small Business Committee.   Government ‘Fixes’ Actually Slow RecoveryJohn Stossel writes for Real Clear Politics that all the efforts of the Bush Administration to ‘fix’ the economy are only making it worse, creating even more uncertainty, and that only the private market can right itself in the end.   Economics and Labor Issues [Read Full Article]

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