Is Working From Home For You?

Working from home is a great option for small business owners who either do not need a large workspace or store, have personal commitments at home, or cannot afford renting a place for your business. The perks seem to be endless for working from home: flexible hours, no commute, and certain tax deductions. Additionally, if you have personal commitments, you can arrange your work schedule around your family to cater to their needs. It sounds like working at home is a great idea, but before you jump right into the idea, there are a few things you must consider, especially if you plan on having your customers come to your home. Neighborhood & Property Although it is your small business from your house, you must consider your neighborhood, surroundings, and neighbors. To work from home, you need to have a suitable and accessible location for your customers. Consider the attractiveness of your neighborhood and your property and how well it is maintained to appeal... [Read Full Article]