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Is Working From Home For You?

Working from home is a great option for small business owners who either do not need a large workspace or store, have personal commitments at home, or cannot afford renting a place for your business. The perks seem to be endless for working from home: flexible hours, no commute, and certain tax deductions. Additionally, if you have personal commitments, you can arrange your work schedule around your family to cater to their needs. It sounds like working at home is a great idea, but before you jump right into the idea, there are a few things you must consider, especially if you plan on having your customers come to your home.

Neighborhood & Property
Although it is your small business from your house, you must consider your neighborhood, surroundings, and neighbors. To work from home, you need to have a suitable and accessible location for your customers. Consider the attractiveness of your neighborhood and your property and how well it is maintained to appeal to customers visually. Think about the relationship you have with your neighbors. Will working at home cause damage in those relationships or interfere with others in the area? Finally, evaluate the available space for parking for customers and clients. There must be enough space for people to park and have access to your business as if they were walking into a store or office building.

The most important thing to consider when working from home is your workspace. You must have a designated area in your home specifically assigned for you to do work, whether that is an office, basement, or corner of a room. It is best to try to locate your office in a place in your house that is easily accessible to the entrance to avoid customers having to walk through your house. Additionally, have restrooms and other storage available for you and customers to use. Finally, be sure your home has the ability for new connections to support your business, such as Internet capabilities and a phone line.

Working from home undoubtedly will have a major impact on your life at home, including relationships with those who live with you. It is important to discuss the idea of working at home with your family to make sure they are willing to coordinate their lives with your work at home. Also, communicate your business goals and aspirations with your family. This will encourage support and motivation from those who mean the most to you.

Work Style
Working from home has its perks, but it will only work if you have a certain style of working. You must be able to supervise and discipline yourself. As a small business owner, this should be second nature for you as you have to run your own business every day. Additionally, you must be a self-motivated and self-disciplined individual to keep focus while at home on work. Time management is key, especially if you are working from home to tend to personal commitments.


Starting to work at home is like taking the first step to starting your own small business. You must have the will power and personal discipline to do whatever it takes to succeed and mean business. Working at home allows you to work long hours at home instead of going into an office or store to complete paperwork and other odds and ends. Working from home also requires giving 100% towards your work during business hours even when it may be easier to be distracted with life at home.

Working from home has its perks, but you need to think thoroughly before taking the plunge. It is important to think about the space you have inside, outside, and around your home. Make sure your home is suitable to have your own workplace for business only, and discuss the changes at home with your family. Be prepared to work independently and jump into working at home as if you were starting your own business. Have you worked from home? What advice can you give small business owners who are starting to work from home?

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