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Solis Promises More Job Training and Stricter Workplace Enforcement


Government and Economy

Solis Vows to Bolster Job Training, Enforcement

New Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis won’t waste time making her presence felt by companies that her agency determines are subjecting employees to dangerous working conditions or are shorting their pay.

How to Spot the Recovery

Tech consultant Gene Marks describes the tools and bellwethers he uses to estimate when business will pick up.

Management and Financial Issues

Warding Off Challengers

All companies, regardless of resources or size, can employ these strategies to keep their competitors firmly in their rear view mirror.

The Tax Bomb...tick...tick...tick...tick...

With April 15th fast approaching, we offer up some helpful advice on what to do when you can't pay your taxes in time.

Technology Issues

Cheap or Free CRM Tools
You generate sales leads, but then you have to track them, which is vital if you're going to convert those leads into customers.

CRM Success: What Every Small Business Must Know
When creating a seamless value chain, it is essential to focus on the customer. However, information, data, and processes are key when planning the complex merger of processes, technologies, and culture. Additionally, a successful value chain recognizes that partners, vendors, suppliers, and employees play a vital role to ensure that customer values are both recognized and realized.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Taxing Employees’ Health Benefits

The Obama Administration estimates that the tax exemption on health benefits will cost the federal government $174 billion in lost tax receipts in 2009, making its elimination a policy target for healthcare reform.

Sales and Marketing

Four New Email Marketing Segments You Need to Know About
The popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks forces e-mail marketers to adapt to changing market segments.

Using Customer Voices in Your Marketing
The best marketing tools you have are not the clever minds in your marketing department, but your most loyal customers. By engaging your customers in a direct dialogue that captures their honest feedback, you can be equipped with the best information to refine your marketing and define your brand. Learn how to set up customized surveys via phone or Internet, without any additional software or hardware installation.

Are Your Customers Satisfied?

How can smart business owners satisfy their customers and clients?