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Obama's Small Business Plan


Government and Economy

Is This a Token Effort to Help Small Business?

Small business was lukewarm to the Government's new plans to unlock credit since the proposal only targets a small segment of the small business sector, leaving many to struggle alone.

Innovations in Small Business: A New Report

"Innovation in Small Business: Drivers of Change and Value" is another installment in the discussion of the patent activity of small businesses, widening the scope of the debate by focusing on the effects of innovation drivers (employee headcount, sales, and R&D expenditures) on small business value.

Management and Financial Issues

Don't Rush: Last-minute Tax Errors

Tax professionals say business owners tend to make a number of last-minute mistakes including miscalculations, underreported income and missed deductions. These can all mean lost money, time or both.

Technology Issues

ZoomInfo Focuses on Small and Mid-sized Businesses

The company data provider focuses on bringing more intelligent data to small and mid-sized businesses.

A Simple Organization Maturity Model
Where is your organization in developing your digital marketing measurement and optimization capabilities? A simple model points you in the right direction.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Lobbying Against Card Check

Business lobbyists are warning that a federal bill making it easier for workers to unionize will drive more New Jersey companies South or overseas, but union leaders say such fears are overblown.

EEOC: Job-Bias Claims Soar to Record High in 2008
With retaliation claims second in number only to those alleging race discrimination, overall employee claims with the EEOC jumped to 95,402, the most since the agency opened its doors in 1965.

Sales and Marketing

Your Marketing: Planning for Recovery

OK, you are surviving the recession. Now, while you wait for the recovery and the chance to once again make some money, take a look at these marketing recommendations and plan ahead.

Increase Your Business Right Now

Even with all the bad news about the economy, people are still buying stuff and it's your job to make sure your products are the ones they are buying. Here's how you can do that.

A Direct Marketing Revolution
Once advertisers get a sense of the power they have with Facebook Pages, they're going to become addicted to it.