Obama's Small Business Plan—Will It Work?


Government and Economy

Obama's Perplexing Tax Hikes

There is general agreement that it's not a good idea to raise taxes during a severe recession. Yet, here we are in a long, deep recession, and President Obama's budget includes a large number of tax increases. What's the deal? SBECouncil.org

Can Obama's Plan Stimulate Small Business Lending?

The Obama Administration offered a plan to spur lending and help for small businesses, but the program carries some real risks for the government. BusinessWeek.com

Management and Financial Issues

Small Business Finds Uncle Sam “Taxing”

For many small businesses, it's not really about the money. No, it's about the sheer hassle of compliance with the tax laws and the complete loss of control you feel when dealing with the government that accounts for the ill feelings many have for the tax man. TheBigMoney.com

Recession-era Leadership

How do you lead in tough times? Wayne Rivers, president of the Family Business Institute, offers these ideas in Family Business magazine. NYTimes.com

Technology Issues

Email Encryption and Policy-based Enforcement
Email security is a critical business requirement. Data breaches and unauthorized access to corporate information are costly and can have long-lasting repercussions for companies whose data has been compromised. Learn about new legislation that is driving companies to encrypt e-mail, and take a look at some encryption solutions that can help your company stay secure while complying with privacy regulations. MessageLabs

Benefits and Labor Issues

A Closer Look at Absenteeism
Harsh business conditions are forcing companies to take a more penetrating look at absenteeism and its underlying causes. Workforce.com

Keeping Up With COBRA Changes

While the law itself may be straightforward, the short time frame for implementation has left employers scrambling to catch up, even as the departments of Labor, Treasury, and Health and Human Services provide compliance guidelines. Workforce.com

Sales and Marketing

Targeting Online Advertising
Should you target ads based on context or behavior? ClickZ.com

Increasing Your E-Newsletter Readership
Want to build your e-newsletter's audience? Try these tips. ClickZ.com