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Lenders Reject Obama's Small Business Initiative


Government and Economy

Lenders Reject Obama Plan for Small Business

President Obama's $15 billion initiative to spur small business lending has been rejected by every major provider of these kinds of loans. They say the plan simply will not work.

As SBA Guarantees More and More...

...fewer and fewer firms are borrowing. While the government measures may help some businesses, the rest are looking for great economic improvements before looking for loans.

Rising State and Federal Taxes Stifling Small Businesses

As states like New York increasingly turn to higher taxes to close their budget gaps, small businesses are finding themselves in a very difficult position.

Management and Financial Issues

Dealing With Business Failure
Even if you're 100% sure your company is going to crash in the next six months, don't run. You'll learn more from staying on board, earn the respect of your peers, discover how people break down and lose their cool and find out who you are and who your real friends are.

The Danger of Personal Guarantees

Signing a personal guarantee for a business loan—comingling your personal and business finances—can be a very dangerous and costly move.

Technology Issues

Facebook Applications for Your Small Business
LinkedIn is not the only place for business, Facebook is growing rapidly and it's becoming a destination for businesses and business professionals alike to establish a presence. Here are over 30 Facebook applications to help you accomplish more with your business.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Be Cautious When Trading Equity for Services

It seems like a win-win: find the skills you need for a stake in the company. However, before going ahead with such an equity trade, consider the alternatives and be sure to formalize the deal with your attorney.

Sales and Marketing

Building a Robust Social Media Presence
By establishing professional visibility on the social Web, you can easily differentiate yourself from your competitors. Here are some tips on how to accomplish that.

Get Better Performance From Your E-Newsletter
By making some simple design changes, you can begin to score double-digit click-through rates.

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