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New SBA Chief: Help Is On The Way


Government and Economy

Mills: Small Business Aid is Coming

During her Senate confirmation hearing, incoming Small Business Administration chief Karen Gordon Mills acknowledged the agency's troubles while maintaining that the SBA's problems are fixable.

Report: Small Business Job Loss Up

According to a new ADP National Employment Report, small companies are shedding jobs as fast, if not faster, than large firms, which is very unusual in recessions.

Congress Calls on IRS to Go Easy on Small Business

Lawmakers at a congressional hearing Wednesday pressed Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Douglas Shulman to ease up on audits of small businesses.

Management and Financial Issues

Survival Financing

Need a cash infusion? You can forget about banks or VCs? Those traditional funding sources are strapped or stingy or both. If your businesses needs a significant investment to tap a new market, lock down the one you have, or upgrade equipment, you'll need to get creative.

Technology Issues

Top 10 Triggered E-mail Programs to Build Relevance
Examples of trigger-based e-mail programs and the benefits they deliver for clients.

Conficker Worm Does Little Damage for April Fools, Threat Still Out There

The Conficker worm, which has infected millions of PCs and was programmed to possibly inflict more damage on April 1st, turned out to be more of an April Fools' prank than the picture of PC devastation; but that doesn't mean the threat has passed.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Inspiring Your Employees

As disturbing as the economy may be, leaders have both a great opportunity and a responsibility to be inspiring. Here are seven principles for inspiring your employees that you can take action on today.

Sales and Marketing

To Tweet or Not to Tweet, That Is the Question
Why is tweeting more important than optimizing for search engines, segmenting your e-mail campaigns, and more?

The Secret to Making More Money with Less Effort
There is an easy way to double—even triple—the output of your new products and marketing materials with far less effort. Learn how.

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