New SBA Chief to Revitalize Agency


Government and Economy

UBS: Supplier-Credit Drop Harming Small Business

Many small and medium-sized businesses are under just as much or more pressure from shrinking inter-company credit than from the well-documented tightening of bank lending, UBS said in a report this week.

New SBA Chief Vows to Breathe New Life into Ailing Agency

Small business advocates and Washington politicians are pegging their hopes on new SBA chief Karen Mills acting quickly to help small business owners and reform the Small Business Administration.

Bernanke's 'Green Shoots' May Just be Weeds

It will be months before we know for sure whether the indicators that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke calls the US economy’s “green shoots” represent the early onset of recovery, or a false spring.

Management and Financial Issues

The Evolution of Small Business

Small business is changing, as is the kind of people who are starting small businesses from those who did so a generation ago.

More 'Patient Capital' for Socially Beneficial Businesses

An increasing number of venture capitalists are looking for small businesses that offer both social benefits and high profits.

Technology Issues

Building a Crawler Friendly Web Page
A handy reference guide to help you optimize your Web pages for search engines.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Promoting Wellness and Frugality
Facing the harsh economic realities of today, many employers are seeking alternatives to expensive wellness programs.

Sales and Marketing

Free Email Deliverability Tools
Getting your email into the right inbox is more important today than ever, and these two free email deliverability tools can help make sure your message gets where it needs to go.

Marketing & Sales Strategies for a Slow Economy
Unless you are looking for bankruptcy, the last thing you need to do in a struggling economy is to sit on your hands. Here are ten proven strategies you can use today to make a difference in your bottom line.

Persuasion Psychology
Think you're a leader when it comes to sales and management? Let's find out with this test of your "gut instinct" skills. Answer these questions and then learn what they really mean.