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The Outlook for Small Business in 2009


Government and Economy

2009 Small Business Outlook

Business Know-How ran a survey last month to find out how business owners think their businesses will do this year compared to last year, how they view the recession, how they are coping with it, and how they think the government should help. Here are the results.

TARP Panel: Economic Crisis is “Far From Over”

Though some economic measures are improving; with billions spent and more on the way, on the TARP program's 6-month anniversary the financial crisis "appears to be taking root in the larger economy."

Management and Financial Issues

Trump's Business Survival Tips

It's the big question: How do you keep your business alive during a recession? Here are Donald Trump's 10 suggestions.

Do Business Plans Really Matter to Venture Capitalists?

The traditional wisdom is that you need a great business plan when going after venture capital, but a new University of Maryland study finds planning documents play, at best, a "minor ceremonial role" and do not greatly affect a VC's decision to fund a business.

Controlling Your Negativity

When times get tough, you need all your wits about you and for that it is essential to stay cool. Here are some ideas on how to do that.

Technology Issues

ISP Throttling Your Email Delivery?
Here are tips on how you can tell if your Internet Service Provider is throttling your email delivery and how you can stop it and keep it from happening again.

The Price and Profit of Social Connections

Research has shown that there are definite e-mail connections and patterns at work that correlate with higher revenue production.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Market Volatility and the Safety of 401(k) Plans

Experts and regulators are questioning whether, given the market's volitility, target-date funds are the most appropriate investment option for all 401(k) participants.

Sales and Marketing

The Consumer Targeting Paradox
As Google jumps into behavioral marketing, tailoring ads that consumers receive based on recent surfing behaviors, there is more going on than meets the eye.

Sales Productivity: An Insider's Approach
How do you reduce the cost of sales while providing visibility with clients, creating awareness with new prospects, and driving revenue growth? Here are some answers you can use.