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Small Business and the Obama Tax Hikes


Government and Economy

Small Business and the Obama Tax Hikes

Are higher taxes going to harm small businesses or not? That is the question posed by this article and the answer they come up with, not surprisingly, is “No.”

Healthcare Tops the Spring Recess Homework for House Democrats

House Democratic leaders have asked their members to use the spring recess to reach out to voters and sell White House and congressional plans to overhaul the nation's healthcare system.

Management and Financial Issues

Last-Minute Advice for Last-Minute Filers

For last-minute filers who run their own businesses, we offer tips for reducing liability, making the most of online services, and for properly classifying your expenses.

When You Are Married to Your Business Partner

There is good news when your are married to your business partner: You can treat your husband-wife business as a sole proprietorship for federal-tax-filing purposes, which can save you thousands of dollars.

How We Got the Cash

With small businesses struggling to find banks willing to lend, many think it is hopeless. Here is proof that it isn't. Learn how and where these entrepreneurs got the loans and credit lines they needed.

Technology Issues

Is Outsourcing Your Search Marketing Right for You?
Truly effective search marketing does require specialized skills. Does your company have those skills or is it time to hire an agency?

Benefits and Labor Issues

Getting Tough on Absenteeism
Tough business conditions are forcing companies of all sizes to take a much closer look at employee absenteeism, its causes and solutions.

Sales and Marketing

Social Media Influences on Email Marketing
In this article we offer seven email marketing pros with tips on how to identify and reach social influences with your email marketing.

Deliver Your Presentation Like You're Hitting Them with a Hammer
When it comes to making a killer presentation, there are two rules you should follow: First, never have a large coffee, a prune Danish, and a bran muffin before delivering an hour-long presentation. Second, always give your presentation in a small room.

Stop Buyers from Calling Your Competition
How may sales opportunities started out strong with the customer calling you first only to be lost to a competitor? What happened?