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Small Business Goes to War Against the Banks


Government and Economy

After the Fed’s Money Flood, Will Democracy Need a Bailout?

The bailouts may be the least popular government program in history, and if the Treasury needs more money to keep it going, who knows whether Congress would provide it? As a result, Treasury and the Fed have been running what Kevin Hassett, director of economic-policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, sees as a scam.

Small Business Fights Back Against the Banks

As banks pull back on lending and work to purge bad loans from their balance sheets, some small business borrowers are on the attack, filing lawsuits, putting out news releases, holding protests and rallying politicians to their cause.

Management and Financial Issues

Kill What's Ailing Your Company

If parts of your company are successful and others aren't, it may be time cut off the sick branches to save the tree.

Technology Issues

Twitter: Testing the Promise of Microblogging
You have heard about Twitter, but still wonder how to get started. Here are four steps to building your online presence with Twitter.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Hard Times for Health Insurers; Premiums May Rise
Major US health insurers and managed care companies saw far lower profits in 2008, some nearly half of what they earned in 2007, as poor stock market performance and lower interest rates ate at their investments. To recoup those losses, premiums may start rising.

Can Small Business Cope with Obama's Health Plan?

If President Obama's healthcare plan borrows heavily from Massachusetts' model, as many believe it will, how will small business cope?

Sales and Marketing

The Government Market
Sure, the private sector has been hit hard with layoffs, foreclosures, and ever-shrinking consumer confidence, but the public sector, federal, state and local governments, however, continues to buy goods and services at a steady pace.

Marketing & Sales Strategies for a Slow Economy
The quickest way to kill your business in a down economy is to do nothing and wait for things to get better. Instead, follow these ten sales and marketing strategies to make your business recession proof.