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House Small Business Chair Wants IRS to do More for Small Business


Government and Economy

House Small Business Chair Wants IRS to do More for Small Business

Rep. Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) says the IRS should do more to help small businesses get on top of their taxes including education, payment flexibility, and faster refund processing.

Bank Bailout to Equity Shares

The Obama Administration has determined that they can keep the banking system going without having to ask Congress for more money by turning the debt into common stock in the banks.

Will Small Business Feel the Stimulus?

According to a new poll, only 14% of small business owners think the federal stimulus will help their company - and a full 31% think it will hurt them.

Management and Financial Issues

Handling Layoffs Properly

Sure, during tough times, cutting staff can make sense, at least on paper. However, in practice, what made sense on paper becomes a painful process that, if poorly executed, can cripple your company turnaround efforts.

From High-Finance to Unemployment to Small Business Mentors

To prevent unemployed financiers from leaving, New York City officials have decided to train them to advise small businesses—for free.

Technology Issues

E-tailers: More Glitz and Glam in E-Commerce

Web retailers are using a number of new tools like video, product customization and visual search to help them improve the online shopping experience.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Increased Insurance Regulation and Higher Costs Likely

Insurers expect more burdensome regulation as a result of the global financial crisis, according to a survey of insurance regulators and other experts conducted by the Geneva Association, and more regulation usually means higher prices.

Sales and Marketing

Email Marketing is Not Email Sales
Most email campaigns only promote sales, not brands or customer relationships. The question is why not?

Database Marketing: Making the Most of Your Data
You know that there is a hidden opportunity in your customer and prospect databases, but you don't know how to get to it. Here is your roadmap.