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Online Sales Taxes May be Around the Corner


Government and Economy

Stimulus Sought for Equity Financing

With equity investments in new companies drying up, venture capitalists and angel investors are pushing the federal government for financial relief and to open up to them small business programs traditionally reserved for noninvestor-backed businesses.

Internet Sales Tax Coming?

House and Senate bills expected to surface in the next week could eliminate the "physical presence" requirement in the tax law that has, thus far, kept the various levels of government from levying sales taxes on the Web.

Bank Regulators: Emphasize Loan Quality

The regulators conducting stress tests on the 19 largest American banks found wide variations in underwriting standards and are increasingly focused on the quality of loans made by the banks.

Management and Financial Issues

ROI Not an Issue: SMBs Going Green

A new SurePayroll survey finds that small to medium-size businesses are willing to invest in green technology and, surprisingly, they will do it regardless of any immediate return on investment.

Identify and Fix the Worst Time Management Problems
Before you begin to deal with the challenge of time management and start changing the associated habits, you first need to understand and appreciate just how precious a resource time really is.

Technology Issues

AUPs for Email and Web Use in Your Company

It is important for employers to understand that unmanaged personal email and Web usage can weaken productivity and increase the company's risk. Learn how to develop and enforce email and Web Acceptable Use Policies.

Benefits and Labor Issues

COBRA Worries Cash-Poor Businesses
Some companies are worried that the new federal mandate could lead to cash-flow problems because of the delay for reimbursement that could go for as long as three months.

New Overtime Rules for Misclassified Employees

The United States Department of Labor is supporting retroactive overtime for misclassified salaried employees as well as the Fluctuating Workweek’s Half-Time Method to figure it out.

Sales and Marketing

Online Video Ads Are a Good Bet in a Recession
Everyone needs to cut costs, so here are three reasons why digital video ads are better for your business and your bottom line than television ads.

Increase Your Leads and Lower Your Marketing Costs

You work hard to increase your lead generation while at the same time trying to lower your marketing costs. Did you know that there are very good ways to do both?