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Obama to Credit Card Industry: End Deceptive Practices


Government and Economy

Obama Meets with Credit Card Industry—Wants to End Deceptive Practices

Executives from the nation's credit card issuers met with President Obama, who is pushing for consumer protections that go beyond proposals approved yesterday by a US House committee and rules issued last year by the Fed, to argue against new limits on fees and interest rates.

BofA's Lewis: Feds Pushed Merrill Purchase

According to New York's attorney general, federal officials pressured Bank of America Corp. CEO Ken Lewis with threats to his job security to complete the bank's purchase of Merrill Lynch.

Management and Financial Issues

The Causes and Cure of Company Strife

So long as human beings work in and manage organizations, there will be internal strife. No company is immune but once you understand the causes of the friction, you can take steps to end it.

Your Guide to Discounting

You know that cutting prices without either cheapening your image or losing your full-paying customers is a delicate art, but it can be done. Here is how.

Small Businesses Learn to Diversify to Face the Recession

Across the country, many small businesses are finding that the key to their continued survival in these hard economic times is to explore new markets while increasing their profitability among existing clients.

Technology Issues

Introducing the iLane

Machines that read to you are very big these days. Introducing the iLane, a voice-controlled, dashboard-mounted unit that reads your e-mail aloud while you drive. Is this the next must have gadget for the mobile business owner or executive?

Benefits and Labor Issues

New COBRA Subsidy Out of Reach for Many

A new federal subsidy designed to help laid-off workers pay for health insurance could be unavailable for thousands who worked for small companies or who's former employer is out of business.

How Much Flexibility do Employers Have on Hiring Tests?
A district court dismissed the case because scuttling the exam affected all the participants equally and the plaintiffs did not prove that an employer committed intentional discrimination, but now the case is before the Supreme Court and their decision could have far-reaching ramifications.

Sales and Marketing

Getting Back to Sales Basics

In our quick-fix society is it any wonder that many salespeople look for the magic cure or band-aid solution to increase their sales? Instead of that, here are eight basic rules that can help you find success in sales.

Integrated Marketing
New research is advancing the conversation about the integration of traditional and digital marketing approaches in a very productive way.

One-to-One Marketing: More Than Just Email

One-to-one marketing is about getting your message to the right audience at the right time and via that audience's preferred channel, and email is not always that channel. You need to step up your game.

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