Hopes for Card-Check Rise With Specter's Switch to the Democrats


Government and Economy

Specter's Party Switch Raises Hopes for Card Check

Senator Arlen Specter claims that his move to the Democrat Party will not change his vote when it comes to the union-organizing legislation, but a compromise that could allow the bill to slide through may now be easier. BusinessWeek.com

House Leader Pushes for Mileage Tax

Rep. James Oberstar (D-MN), chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, wants Congress to enact a mileage-based tax on cars and trucks to pay for highway programs now, rather than wait the results of a pilot program, to make up for lost gas tax revenue. Yahoo.com/AP

Management and Financial Issues

OPSEC: Protecting Your Business from Crime and Terrorism

Operations Security (OPSEC) is a process developed by the military that can help keep vital information from falling into the wrong hands. Learn how OPSEC differs from traditional security and how it can help your business. BusinessKnowHow.com

American Workers Want More Control Over Performance Reviews
In a recent Taleo survey, nearly 80% of the workers responding said that they want some aspect of their performance review managed differently. ManageSmarter.com

Entrepreneurs Refusing Pay to Stay Afloat

A growing number of small business owners have suspended their own salaries in a bid to keep their struggling companies afloat. WSJ.com

Technology Issues

Building a Website that Keeps Them Coming Back
If you want Web users to keep coming back, you have to keep improving the experience they have with your website. Learn the essentials of keeping your website fresh and interesting. Inc.com

Benefits and Labor Issues

Green Job Promise Means Reforming the Federal Training System
Since the Obama Administration made energy reform a major part of its economic strategy, they've argued that the huge investments will result in new, “green” jobs. But first, the federal training system will have to be updated. Workforce.com

Swine Flu Insurance a Rare Thing for Businesses

Little insurance is available to protect business against the current swine flu outbreak, and managers need to be aware of how to minimize potential infections among staff, experts said. Property-Casualty.com

Sales and Marketing

Online Video: Content or Marketing Tool?
So, what is it for? Do you use online video as a vehicle to drive people or is it a plaything to play around with for low-budget projects? Here are some answers. ClickZ.com

Business Blogging

While it may seem as if every company has a blog, the truth is that very few actually do. If you're thinking of starting a blog for your business, here are some things you ought to consider. BusinessKnowHow.com