House Forgets Small Business in Credit Card Reform


Government and Economy

House Forgets Small Business in New Credit Card Reform Bill

The Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights, which restricts some aggressive tactics by credit card companies, passed the House but doesn’t apply to small business credit cards even though such cards function the same way consumer credit cards do.

Stress-Tests Results Delayed

With banks disputing the findings of the recent federal stress tests, the Fed and US banking regulators will now reveal the results on May 7 after the financial markets close.

Making Green the New Gold

Millions of dollars are available to renewable energy and sustainable-building companies through the $787 billion federal stimulus package with opportunities ranging from money for schools interested in repairing their facilities to an extension of income tax credits for alternative energy producers.

Management and Financial Issues

Little Interest in Small Business Microloan Program

Small businesses have been hit hard by the lack of funds available to them, but the poor turnout for one federal microloan program demonstrates that the problems affecting small business goes far beyond money.

Protecting Your Small Business from the Swine Flu

The odds of infection may be slim, but it's always wise to be prepared. So, here's a swine flu guide specifically for small business, depending on the type of business you're in.

Technology Issues

Panda Security: Time is Right for Cloud Antivirus

Seeing the need for a new protection model, Panda Security has come up with a Web-based application that will knock out computer viruses like Conficker and Koobface before they get a chance to take root on your PC.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Be Prepared
Employers that had already established preparedness plans during the avian flu crisis several years ago are seeing their efforts pay off with today's swine flu epidemic.

Sales and Marketing

Better Sales Through Innovation
Spending downtime innovating and testing ideas throughout your business can give you increased revenue and set you up for future growth.

Postcard Marketing
There are many direct-response marketing rules that most people, including postcard-printing companies, fail to follow. Learn how to use the postcard right increase your marketing effectiveness.