White House: Expect Zero Job Growth, Stricter Anti-Trust Enforcement


Government and Economy

White House Predicts Zero Job Growth This Year

Christina Romer, Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, expects the GDP to begin growing in the fourth quarter of this year, but she also expects unemployment to rise after the economy turns, saying the GDP must grow at 2.5% before unemployment improves. NYTimes.com

Intense Bargaining Earns Banks Stress Test Concessions

After two weeks of intense negotiations, the Fed scaled back the size of the capital hole facing some of the nation's biggest banks shortly before concluding its stress tests, using a measurement of bank-capital levels that resulted in much smaller capital deficits. WSJ.com

Obama Administration to Increase Anti-Trust Activities

The top antitrust official at the Justice Department plans to restore an aggressive enforcement policy against corporations that use their market dominance to elbow out competitors or to keep them from gaining market share. NYTimes.com

Management and Financial Issues

What You Must Know About Back Taxes

Take a look with CPA Jonathan Medows at the issue of back taxes and why now is a uniquely good time for small-business owners to address these and other tax problems. BusinessWeek.com

Traders, Insurance, Estates May Face New Taxes

President Obama's proposal for raising money to pay for his healthcare overhaul includes imposing $58 billion in new taxes on securities traders, life insurance products and Americans with valuable estates, such as those who wish to pass their business on to their children. Bloomberg.com

Technology Issues

Challenging the Apple iPhone 3G

The four best challengers to the Apple iPhone 3G are: The BlackBerry Storm, the Palm Pre, the T-Mobile G1 and the Samsung Omnia; all of which are worthy smartphone options. USNews.com

Benefits and Labor Issues

Employee Free Choice Act Legislation Undergoing Changes During Negotiations

Negotiations that may result in two key provisions in the Employee Free Choice Act—card-check and arbitration—being modified are under way, which could pave the way for passage. Workforce.com

Small Business Divided on Government Healthcare

Small business is divided on the subject of government-run insurance and whether such a plan should be offered as an option in healthcare reform. BizJournals.com

Sales and Marketing

Email Marketing: The Life of an Email
You ought to know what your email is saying to recipients, beyond what the text says. Here is a look at the message being sent. ClickZ.com

Losing Customers to Web-savvy Competitors?
The Internet is a wonderful marketing tool for your business, but the same holds true for your competition who may—unbeknownst to you—be doing more than just competing by using your trademarks to draw customers to their websites. ManageSmarter.com

New Offers Help Foster Repeat Customers

A drop in sales led the owners of this business to take a whole new approach. BizJournals.com