Obama: Small Business Key to Economy


Government and Economy

Obama: Small Business Key to Economy

In a speech welcoming winners of an SBA award to the White House's East Room, President Obama acknowledged that small business is responsible for half the nation's private sector jobs and so deserves support from Washington. Google.com/AP

Congress Failing American Small Business

While they talk a fine game, when it comes to action on supporting what they, themselves, describe as the “backbone of the economy” our legislators seem happier to play possum. HuffingtonPost.com

Lenders Shocked at Obama Union Favoritism, Chrysler Deal Imperils Credit

Lenders are not happy with the Chrysler bankruptcy and they are starting to speak out. Hedge fund manager George Schultze says he may avoid lending to any unionized companies after being burned in the president's Chrysler bankruptcy deal. Bloomberg.com

Management and Financial Issues

First to Market? Better Think Twice!

There is new research that offers some fresh insight into when to launch a new product or service, and the surprise is that it shows that being first to market isn't always an advantage. BusinessWeek.com

Small Firms Still Waiting for Credit to Thaw

While big companies are rushing to issue stocks and bonds to suddenly eager investors, credit is still scarce for thousands of smaller companies that have to rely on bank lending for their finances. WSJ.com

Technology Issues

When You Need a Widget
Widgets, those interesting and useful little software applications that your visitors can download, are a cost-effective, value-adding link-building tactic that works even in a tough economy. Here is what you need to know about using widgets to build SEO. ClickZ.com

Benefits and Labor Issues

DeLauro: Paid Sick Days Bill Won’t Disrupt PTO

The measure would allow employees time off to care for themselves or a sick family member or to obtain preventive or diagnostic treatment, but it would not disrupt other paid time off schemes. Employers, however, could require certification for leave of more than three days in a row. Workforce.com

Immigration Enforcement Targets Employers

Homeland Security chief Napolitano says the agency is poised to step up employment verification efforts and that they will be relying on the controversial E-Verify system. BusinessWeek.com

Senators Try to Delay `Public Option' in Healthcare Insurance Plan

Senators drafting a healthcare overhaul have stated that they might support creating a new public health insurance program, but only if private insurers do not do enough to expand coverage and reduce costs to the consumer. Bloomberg.com

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Email Marketing: Getting Past the Inbox Gatekeepers
You may have a great email pitch, but if you can't get it into the right inbox, it's meaningless. Here are some solid tips for using authentication and branding to avoid the junk folder. ClickZ.com

Sales Effectiveness and the CRM Tech Myth
Is your Customer Resource Management (CRM) system helping your sales staff to be more effective, or is the promise of CRM technology just a big myth? ManageSmarter.com

Branding: Does Your Logo Send the Right Message?

Avoiding a confusing logo—not to mention the confusing message it may send—is easy to do: Keep it simple. Brand identity expert Erin Ferree offers these easy steps to create a clear, uncomplicated logo as part of an overall corporate identity development strategy. BusinessManagementDaily.com