Business Grappling with Approaching Climate Bill


Government and Economy

American Business Grapples with Pending Climate Bill

The "American Clean Energy and Security Act," better known as the Waxman-Markey bill, isn't a law yet, but it has become the basis for the debate over how the US should respond to pressure to slash its carbon emissions.

What Qualifies for an Emergency Business Loans?

Not all businesses will be eligible for the SBA's forthcoming loan-relief program. For example, the loans cannot be used to pay down existing SBA loans. Past borrowers, however, will still be eligible for help with other debts.

Management and Financial Issues

Cost-Cutting Tips for Businesses

Your business may be facing challenges or is doing just fine, but either way, the more you can cut from your business expenses, the better-off you'll be. Here are some easy ways to save money to help you through today's hard economic environment.

Learning From Nonprofits

When it comes to measuring success, nonprofit organizations often emulate their for-profit counterparts, but in today's economy, there is a great deal that small, for-profit companies can learn from nonprofits.

Small Business Management Lessons for Detroit

Employee empowerment advocate Jack Stack discusses the lessons that the auto industry could learn from smaller companies.

Technology Issues

Used Technology: Buyer Beware

Everyone needs to save money these days, but there are some real risks involved with buying second-hand electronics. Here are some things to know before you go hunting for a used bargain.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Grayson to Introduce Paid Vacation Act

Rep. Alan Grayson, a Florida Democrat, is going to introduce the Paid Vacation Act, legislation that would make paid vacation time a requirement under federal law.

Performance Review Systems: Is Yours Outdated?

Most companies still use performance appraisal systems or annual performance review systems that are more legacy than state of the art, and that often leave employees wondering if they actually did their job or not. Here's a new way to conduct reviews that give useful information.

DoL Seeking More Funds to Enforce Workplace Safety

The new budget of President Obama's Department of Labor places a greater emphasis on workplace safety enforcement and other worker protection efforts.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Email Marketing: Personalize Your Message

Email campaigns should have the same goal as any good direct-response effort—a dialogue—not simply a one-way transmission. Here are tips to help you personalize and "conversationalize" your email.

On the Death of NebuAd

NebuAd, the controversial company that had sought to target online ads based on user behavior, collecting data on users without their knowledge or permission, is dead, at last. However, would it have worked if they had simply asked for permission?

Cause Marketing Meets Social Media
Many brands spread awareness by tapping the do-gooder impulse in consumers to encourage them to pass along their marketing messages.