Small Business Left Out of Credit Card Reform


Government and Economy

A GM Bankruptcy: Disaster in the Making

When it comes to the auto industry, President Obama isn't just ruling on the fate of a single company. A GM bankruptcy could easily devastate the very economy he is attempting to stabilize.

Auto Crisis Hits Minority Dealers Hard

After years of work to bring minorities into the automobile industry, minority car dealers are now expected to be hit hard as GM and Chrysler make cuts in their retail networks.

Credit Card Reform Ignores Small Business

It is clear now that the Obama administration's credit card crackdown applies only to personal cards, a situation that leaves some small businesses unprotected.

Management and Financial Issues

A Second Shot at a One-time Tax Saving

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (AKA the Stimulus Bill) offers small business owners a second chance at a “one-time” tax-saving opportunity. Are you taking advantage of it?

Technology Issues

The Future of Small Business: Mobile, Social, Global

That's how Brad Smith sees the future of small business, and he should know. Brad is the president and CEO of Intuit, maker of QuickBooks, and he knows that the future of his company is closely aligned with the future of all small businesses.

Benefits and Labor Issues

FLSA: The Top Five Employer Mistakes
Whether you have five or five thousand employees, here are five mistakes—easily identified and rectified—that you should try to avoid.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Study: Printed Direct Mail Declining
The rise of the Internet has opened up new avenues for marketing, but it has also taken its toll on a number of older media and according to a new study it is about to claim its next victim: direct mail.

Online Marketing: When Better Is Good Enough
You don't measure online marketing success by how many home runs you hit. It's really about your ability to keep moving on to the next base.

Sell More Than Just a Product

The coffee showdown between McDonald's and Starbucks' has a lesson for entrepreneurs everywhere: Don't sell products. Sell an experience"